Because, really, your website shouldn't make you want to cry, punch walls or scream profanities at the dog...

...Well, unless of course you're shouting, "FUCKING YES!!!! I GOT IT FUCKING WORKING AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE DOG'S BOLLOCKS*!

So, how about a series of five videos showing you how to pimp the shit out of your little website or blog? Themes, fonts, header graphics and more? If you want instant access to these little beauties for free, stuff your name and email in the holes below and, LO! Your wish is my command.

No spam, because spam sucks.

* Yep, "dog's bollocks" is a good thing.

Being a sass-infused, bold-ass entrepreneur is hard enough

...And then there's your fucking WEBSITE (am I right?!)

Plugin this, Canva that...

I'm betting you've ranted,

"Why the fuck isn't it fucking doing what I fucking want it to?!?!?!?!"

more times than you would care to evaluate, and about topics ranging from designing a website banner to figuring out a ridiculous setting on that comments plugin you ended up disabling.

(I mean, maybe you don't swear quite so much, but that's certainly how it sounds chez moi...)

What you really want is to serve the most glorious, the most ideal, the most majestic of clients (but you KNOW they're judging that dodge-o-rama PicMonkey header).

You'd love to spend time creating content so goddamn engaging and magical it's basically a unicorn that causes joy-filled, involuntary emotional outbursts in your target clients (but you're so busy worrying that your website looks and works like something a donkey shat out, while shouting obscenities and punching your monitor).

If that sounds like you, you have two options:

1. Learn how to pimp your own site and become Lady Pimp McPimperson, The Scarlet Pimpernel of Pimpsville, Missipimpi


2. Hire someone of the same ilk to pimp it for you. (Oh hey, I DO THAT - what ARE the chances...). Check out my work and happy clients, or see how I can serve you best.



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