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March 10, 2014

SIDEBAR BOOTCAMP for fewer distractions, better engagement and LESS CRAMP!

Are your sidebars SEVEN LIGHTYEARS LONG and filled with blogrolls, adverts, widgets that you added “because they looked cute” and eleven different versions of your Facebook social plugin? Have you ever considered that TOO much information in your sidebar is causing a major distraction at best, and driving people AWAY from your site at worst? Read More

March 3, 2014

The Monthly Competition – get my eyes on your site!

Lovely, lovely people. I want to HELP you, and I plan on offering one lucky person each month JUST such help. Each and every month, starting March 24th, one of you reading this right now will get a chance to have my eyes on your website. I’ll video the whole thing, and post it up Read More

March 3, 2014

Where to place a sign up form to get EPIC MOTHERLOVIN’ CONVERSIONS

…And it isn’t “How to I get to the first page of Google”, because I’ve killed and hidden the bodies of most of the people who asked me that (you can see why here). No, my friends. This question comes along mainly when I’m doing a Website Critique for a client – and I’m willing Read More

December 20, 2013

Rounding up 2013 with some festive web design AWESOME

Ah, 2013. You’ve been swell, thanks for bringing all your awesomeness (and even the not-so-awesome isolated pockets). Jane&Philbert has grown from small Etsy shop selling pre-designed logos to a FULL ON boutique design and development agency for the RADDEST female entrepreneurs on the planet and that is in GREAT thanks to you guys for your Read More

November 3, 2013

What the fuck am I doing here? (or, the “How to guide your visitors” episode)

I can bet good money that we’ve all ended up on random websites after absent-mindedly clicking through from Google, Facebook, Pinterest or well, anywhere. Perhaps it was a headline that grabbed us, perhaps it was a delicious looking green-smoothie. Perhaps someone we know posted a link on Facebook telling us how hi-LAR-ious something was. So, Read More

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