Website niggles SUCK.

I hear that. LOUD. AND. CLEAR.

Your website looks good. Except, it would be great to sort out that sign-up form has had better days. And, while you're thinking about it, you'd LOVE to have a bash at changing your theme so it works on smartphones and tablets. Oooh, and actually, those fonts don't look *quite* right together. 

But, time, right?! And energy!

"I mean, shit," you think, " if I could just stop for five minutes and read that book on HTML and those sixty-two billion bookmarks you've got about perfecting your header and what colours mean and that intriguing quiz entitled, 'Find YOUR unique dinosaur totem to unlock your brand identity, and...'"

Woah there, Cowgirl. I'm gonna hit you up with some epic truth-making shit right now:

That stuff isn't in your zone of genius. 


And that's ok. Your zone of genius is serving your people in your own damn splendid way. Coding your own website sign up form doesn't generally go quite so well when you're also trying to coach a client to have an incredible life, or writing that exciting guest post, or creating orgasm-inducing online courses.

But, truth bomb aside, that still leaves you with an OK-but-could-be-better website and a niggling worry that your website is under-performing and under-serving the most deliciously juicy MAJESTIC clients.

Enter stage left, Gemma. (That's me, by the way)

I fix the website niggles to help your online business shine brighter than Kim Kardashian's engagement ring (seriously, it's fucking HUGE) (the ring, not Kim, just to be clear - I cast no such aspersions on other women).

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