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Rounding up 2013 with some festive web design AWESOME

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Ah, 2013. You’ve been swell, thanks for bringing all your awesomeness (and even the not-so-awesome isolated pockets).

Jane&Philbert has grown from small Etsy shop selling pre-designed logos to a FULL ON boutique design and development agency for the RADDEST female entrepreneurs on the planet and that is in GREAT thanks to you guys for your help, too.

So, my Christmas present to you is a few bits and bobs that I’ve discovered over the year that are BOUND to help you with your online branding and make sure that you truly stand the FUCK OUT online because, yeah, you guys totally deserve some of that shit in 2014.

Awesome find of the year #1

Canva https://www.canva.com/

Oh god, this is pretty sexual.

Do you have an awesome e-course that you want to get lookin’ purdy? Perhaps you want your very own logo? Business cards, then? Wait, you want a Facebook cover image that doesn’t look like a dog’s vomited on your couch? Oh, a last minute e-card for that random couple who always send you a card the day the Christmas posting deadlines hit (and in truth, you lost their address a while back. Or never actually asked)?

For free, and with very limited graphic design skills? Oh.

Well, wait just one cotton-picking second, sweetcheeks. Hold on tight to your knickers because I am about to blow your mind with CANVA, BABY.

This is basically SUPER-EASY, ONLINE and FREE (for the most part) graphic design software that can be both saved as web graphics AND as a print-quality PDF.

KABOOM <– that was your mind blowing, wasn’t it.

It’s still in Beta at the moment, but you can get involved by going to https://www.canva.com/ and registering.


Awesome find of the year #2

Death to the Stock Photo http://join.deathtothestockphoto.com/

Well, if you haven’t been following me on Facebook, you may not have heard of the greatness that is Death to the Stock Photo run by David and Allie. I evangelise these guys SO MUCH because they bring awesome and completely FREE stock photography to be used as and how you please.

Yessiree, we are talking commerical use freeness and as if that wasn’t enough, these pictures are damn good. Like SERIOUSLY good. Oh, AND high resolution, because, hey, you might want to print your shit out, right?

Sign up at http://join.deathtothestockphoto.com/to receive your first pack, and then once a month, they send the latest pack (all nicely themed as well – and it’s as if they KNOW what projects I’m working on, I swear).

Brilliantly, they’ve just released a Premium Membership too – for $5 a month, you get an extra 10 photos per month and free, unlimited access to all the previous photo packs.


Awesome find of the year #3

WooRank http://www.woorank.com/

Stick your website address in the hole and find out what SEO bits and bobs your site is falling down on.

Yes, I know, Google hates you, but honestly, lots of you are giving it far more reason to hate you with crappy titles, lack of mobile-readiness and flagrant disregard for the keywords used by your target market.

It’s free to check the basics, and you can sign up for a VERY impressive  in-depth report from a 7 day free trial.


Awesome find of the year #4

The Dialectizer http://rinkworks.com/dialect/

OK, well this is certainly just for fun rather than useful. But, what the fuck, laughing is good for you, so if you’ve ever wondered what your website would look like as written as a Redneck or Moron, THIS is just for you.

(Hahahaha, “Jane and Philbert” in Swedish Chef is “June-a & Pheelbert”…)


A HUGE, MONSTROUS thank you for reading, commenting, subscribing, emailing, liking, sharing and basically being seven shades of AMAZING. Enjoy the festive period with immenseness, and you’ll hear from me in the New Year,

BRING IT ON, 2014!


G xx

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currently there's 3 comment(s)

  • Helen Lindop

    commented on December 20, 2013 at 7:12 pm

    I just pasted my about page into the Dialectizer and converted it to Jive. Hilarious, thanks for that!

    I’ve been using Canva too, and it’s fab. It seems a little glitchy to me at the moment but once they’ve sorted that out it’ll be amazing.

    • Gemma Regalado

      commented on December 21, 2013 at 8:30 am

      Haha, yes it’s great fun to dialectize your site 🙂

      And agreed, Canva does have glitches, but that’s why it’s still in beta. When they get those ironed out, this will be the go-to platform for non-designers. No excuses for anyone to have shoddy designs now – this will mean a shift for graphic designers too I think.

      Thanks Helen, merry Christmas!

  • Rachel

    commented on April 10, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    Here I am, late to the party as ever. And with a massive amount of work sitting in my inbox, I have just spent the last hour and a half down the canva/deathtothestockphoto etc rabbit hole. Thanks for these fabulous resources, and for ensuring absolutely no productivity (but some fabulous Facebook graphic) in 2014..