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The REAL Gemma …. blog hijack!

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This week, we have a guest post  BEEN HAXXXED by one of my all time favourite people, Jenny from Not Just Another VA who is here to basically do a kiss-and-tell on me. Although there was no kissing… Promise! She’s the absolute shiznit when it comes to Virtual Assistants, and her help and advice is the fuggin’ dog’s lickspot, so you should check her out!


Well hello there! Jenny of Not Just Another VA here, I’ve sneaked into Gemma’s back end (ohh-er Mrs!) to let you in on a few secrets about her. Yes she’s amazeballs and yes she’s an absolute fucking drop to my knees genius when it comes to all things webby and wonderful but…

There’s a chink in her armour.

Gemma is an ideas machine. She comes up with about 3 million of them each day, and the trouble is, they all look amazing. That’s one of the main reasons she’s so fabulous at design. She took my vague “I kind of want it like this but I’m not sure” and turned it into a fantastic logo I look at and inwardly sigh.

The trouble with having all these ideas is a lack of focus. That’s where I found Gemma one day, metaphorically gibbering in the corner with a bottle in a paper bag, crying and mumbling to herself. OK, some of that may be a teesy bit of an exaggeration, but you get the idea. [Gemma’s note: actually, it wasn’t far off…!]

For me, it’s entirely different. I just cannot help putting a structure on things and seeing all the steps that someone needs to take along the Yellow Brick Road to the Wizard of Awesome. Honestly, I annoy the fuck out of myself for having a system for just about everything in life. I have a water drinking system, a food buying system, a project management system, a time tracking system, a hamster care system and an email management system. Gemma calls me the Systems Sex Pest. I’ll leave the details to your imagination ….. you kinky thing, you!

Ohh did someone say "project plan"?

Ohh did someone say “project plan”?

So when I met Gemma, I realised that this awsomeness was running round in circles, like a toddler on Skittles. I knew that she needed help, and so I donned the Batgirl costume and set to work.

I looked at all her ideas. I drilled down into what she really wanted to do an where she really wanted to go. I could see right away all the simple steps she could take. I laid it all out for her into a straightforward plan she could just pick up and run with, without getting overwhelmed or distracted.

And she loved it! She got more done in a month than she’d done in a year. She’s rocking through her plans and turned into a productivity super ninja! She’s a long way from the gin these days. [Gemma’s note: at *least* arms length, nowadays]

She loved it so much, she practically ordered me to do it for others. And as you don’t mess with Gemma, I set up the Get Sorted Sessions. If you are sitting there mired in creative choas, wailing and begging for a hand out of it all and into mega productive make your biz massive loveliness, I’m offering three only TWO left now of you a special deal. Hit up this page for more deets, and if you want to go ahead use the coupon GEMMASFAB to get a crisp £20 off the price. Get your rollerblades on though, I’m only offering it out three times with the discount. Then it expires. Yes I have a system that automatically expires discounts. I drooled when I set that one up!

Right – I’m legging it now before Gemma calls the internet police on me. Stay fab all of you!





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  • Robin Hallett

    commented on May 24, 2013 at 1:38 pm

    I love anyone in a Batgirl costume. Thank you for the delightful post Jenny (and Gemma!)

    It really does seem like a marching salsa band is alive in my head at times, those ideas churning. Being creative is such a delight in so many ways, yet streamlining that juice into one clear direction… not so much.

    Thank you for the delight you are bringing! Shine on, gorgeous Batgirl!


    • Gemma Regalado

      commented on May 25, 2013 at 8:16 pm

      Thanks Robin – Jenny is truly wonderful at turning the crazybeans into a recipe for greatness. The joy of collaborating 🙂

    • Jenny

      commented on May 28, 2013 at 8:12 pm

      Hey Robin

      I could be your Batgirl! 🙂

      Ohh … I’ve just realised I’ve made this look like one of *those* websites … so moving on …

      Thank you for the cheer – it’s great to hear and I do hear you on the creativity, but never, ever stop being that way. The world needs its creatives 🙂